Building Audience

By Avenue Right  | Tags: Advertising, Small Business Advertising, Target Audience

Great ad spend is determined by the audience the medium can deliver and the business’ ability to capture that audience, whether it be sales or list building. All too often a business will make quick ad placement decisions without being prepared to capture that interest and build their own hyper targeted audience for remarketing.

Fortunately, with a little planning and diligence, today there are many ways for business’ to build audience and extend the life cycle of their ad dollar through remarketing. A few methods to consider:

· Drive the audience to your store and your POS system

· Drive the audience to a form to collect their email address and/or phone number

· Drive the audience to your website to collect their IP address

· Drive the audience to Like or Follow your social media profiles

Whether you prefer offline or online advertising, it is critical for businesses today to have a remarketing strategy that uses ad spend to not only drive audience, but also build audience.

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