Do People Still Watch TV?

By Avenue Right  | Tags: Traditional Media

You hear it all the time that traditional media (radio, television and newspaper) is dead. It is true that things are changing, and that some media is declining as the media landscape becomes more fractionalized. As technology has advanced, the way we are consuming media has transformed. However, television- more specifically broadcast television, has remained relatively stable when compared to many other mediums. Broadcast television has remained consistent in households for over 50 years. A benefit of using broadcast television to advertise your business is that consumers will see your commercial regardless of receiving the signal by satellite, cable, or antenna. Television is also considered one of the primary influences in the purchase decision process. TV commercials undoubtedly create an image for businesses and a feeling for consumers.We see this play out during political campaign seasons, holidays, and sporting events – especially the Super Bowl. Some of the largest brands in the world continue to make significant investment into television. Do you think the folks at Amazon would be spending millions upon millions of dollars on television if nobody was watching? Media is changing, so let us assist you in finding the right avenue to help your business succeed.

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