Don’t Click the “Boost Post” Button!

By Avenue Right  | Tags: Facebook

We’ve all seen that bright, “Facebook Blue” button that says, “Boost Post” below each post on the page. As your FB insiders, we are here to tell you why you should NOT click that button. Though boosting posts does give your respective post publicity on people’s news feed, it limits the ability to target and design creative ways to reach more people. By using the Facebook Ad-Manager, advertisers have the greatest number of options to optimize their campaign. Boosted posts allow advertisers to select target audiences based on location, age, gender, time of day, and interest, which is great for quick-need publicity. With that being said, the Ad-Manager is what contains the tools that provide the most customizable ad-campaigns.

In the Facebook Ad-Manager, advertisers not only can target by location, age, gender, and interest (same as boosted posts), but they can also target based on language and behaviors. Both targeting techniques (language and behavior) show added value with the Ad-Manager, so what else is so cool about it? On top of the target specificity, advertisers can design each ad-campaign around an objective. Instead of letting the post just appear on feeds with the boost button, certain campaigns are tailored directly to page likes, post engagement, event response, brand awareness, and more. Once an objective is selected, you can then schedule the campaign’s beginning and end dates/times while creating their own unique ad with multiple images or video (this applies to prior posts from your page, new posts, and events). After the ad is designed, advertisers can add a “call to action” button to the ad to provoke users to visit websites, special pages, or external links that drive traffic to your business. Arguably, the most intriguing component to the Ad-Manager is that the ads can be displayed on news feeds (boost button’s only capability), right-hand side ads of the feed, and Instagram feeds, opting for maximum reach.

Boosting posts serves a purpose for quick advertising. The Ad-Manager serves as a way for advertisers to customize a campaign to the max capacity and tailor it to optimize effectiveness. As you can see, everyone can advertise on Facebook, but not everyone knows the “RIGHT” way. Avenue Right has brought businesses of all sizes an increased presence on Facebook, your business could be next.

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