Leverage Connected TV and Streaming Video for a More Efficient Ad Spend

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TV viewing habits are changing rapidly. The days of millions of viewers sitting down to watch hours of live prime time programming are long gone. Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, DVR, on-demand, Smart TVs and other streaming options have taken over as preferred forms of watching content. The convenience of being able to watch what you want, when you want is winning out over much of traditional TV. Connected TVs are revolutionizing the way we watch television.

 The good news is from an advertising perspective, reaching viewers on these digital platforms has become a much easier prospect. Additionally, we are now able to target which groups of viewers see our ads. Targeting by filters such as geography, age-range, and income levels, while getting guaranteed views and impressions make digital video a much more efficient vehicle for delivering ads. Where traditional TV buys are more of a shotgun approach, digital video can be a highly targeted and much more effective strategy. 

For example, let’s say you are a furniture retailer. The highest percentage of your customer base are 40-60 year olds in a 15 mile radius of your store. So rather than putting your ads on a local broadcast TV station that will reach all ages and people up to 100 miles away from your store, you can run on Connected TV and reach only your desired demographic and get GUARANTEED views. This is typically at a fraction of the cost of broadcast TV. What’s not to like?

The platforms/networks we see most placement for are listed below. Moving forward, we expect to see more opportunities for ad placement on many other streaming platforms.

  • YouTube
  • Connected TV
    • HGTV Go
    • Pluto
    • VNL News
    • Samsung TV Plus
    • CBS News
    • Fubo TV
    • AMC
    • A&E
    • Discovery
    • ESPN
    • TLC
  • Hulu

Traditional TV still has a place with certain demographics and timely, live programming such as news, sports, and other live events still command big audiences. But for the most part, traditional TV viewership is declining while the cost to advertise is not. We are also starting to see more of a shift of live events moving to streaming platforms.

For these reasons, we have been seeing a steady shift of budget dollars moving from traditional TV to online delivery platforms. Is this something you are interested in exploring? Avenue Right would love to have a conversation with you.

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