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Google AdWords

When consumers are looking for a service or product, they typically reach into their pocket and search for what they need directly on their mobile device. Most use Google. If your business does not show up in the first few listings on Google, your potential customers likely will not find or consider you in their buying decision. Let Avenue Right help customers find you the moment they are searching for what you offer! With Google AdWords, we can create ads that target your specific keywords in your specific geography at a budget that works for you. With Google AdWords, you only pay when your ad is clicked on. Click here for more info.

Social Media

We look at your organization’s objectives and assess how to make the right social media outlets work for your business. Through research and planning we’ll develop a customized plan.

No matter what your goals are with your business, social media can help you to accomplish them. Social media can be a great, interactive communication tool between you and your customers. Your social media profile can be an extension of your website that can expose you to millions of potential new customers. If used properly, social media can not only elevate your brand awareness, but can also bring new leads and sales in the door. Click here for more info.

Market Analysis

Our experienced marketing and media consultants will analyze your business. We will help you determine if you are reaching the right people, in the right places, at the right time in order to increase your exposure and revenues. Click here for more info.

Media Buying

We’ve been helping businesses make media buying decisions for over 30 years. The process is part science, part know-how and pure experience. We utilize both quantitative and qualitative data to determine the best demographic and geographic markets for you to reach your buyers. We then use our experience and keen knowledge of each market and medium we buy in order to maximize your advertising purchases.

Reach, frequency, and relevancy- these are the ingredients to a great media campaign. Click here for more info.


You don't have time to become an expert on marketing execution and strategy. You could hire a full time employee, but it is almost impossible to find an employee with all the necessary skills to both create and execute on an entire marketing strategy...so you need a team, but that will probably cost too much.

Why not utilize the Avenue Right team? We have years of expertise that your business can leverage. Whether it's a one-time project or a more long term basis, we can help your business get moving in the right direction. Click here for more info.