The Power of YouTube

By Avenue Right  | Tags: Digital Media, Online Advertising, television, video, youtube advertising

YouTube is a machine. Millions of people consume billions of videos every single day.Video continues to explode as a great way to influence potential customers. As an advertiser, the YouTube ad platform creates some unique opportunities. First, you have the ability to highly target who sees your videos. You can drill down on geography, age range, gender, and even household income. Another unique aspect is that you are not charged unless a user views your video for 30 seconds (or the duration of the video if it’s less than 30 seconds long), or they interact with your video by way of a click on a banner or call to action button.In our world of skipping through ads, this provides a nice safeguard for advertisers, virtually guaranteeing views of your ad. This concept is unheard of in the advertising world.

Once you have decided that YouTube is a medium you would like to try, the next question becomes: what do I use for an ad? For advertisers that are currently running spots on TV, this is an easy one. TV ads translate over very easily. For those that don’t have readily available videos or TV spots, creating professional and compelling videos can be created relatively inexpensively. We work with vendors who can create professional, HD quality videos for less than $500.

So, what are you waiting for? Hope on board the YouTube train and a medium that places your video content in front of the exact audience you would like to reach and only charges you when they watch it!

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