Tiered Radio Scheduling

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Most radio reps will tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get any impact with an advertising schedule on radio…and as much as they would all like this to be true there are many small businesses that don’t have a large advertising budget. Radio is great medium for a call to action or a sale campaign. There are many strategies that you can utilize to help stretch your advertising dollars one is called tier scheduling. As a media buyer, I select two stations that reach the target demographic and instead of running 4 ads a day for 2 weeks I can maximize the schedule by running one station at 4 ads Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week and Tuesday, Thursday the next week and the second station at 4 ads Tuesday, Thursday one week and Monday, Wednesday, Friday the next week. This stretches a 2 week schedule into a 4 week schedule for the same budget maximizing your reach.

ABC 4 adsXYZ 4 adsABC 4 adsXYZ 4 adsABC 4 ads
XYZ 4 adsABC 4 adsXYZ 4 adsABC 4 adsXYZ 4 ads
ABC 4 adsXYZ 4 adsABC 4 adsXYZ 4 adsABC 4 ads
XYZ 4 adsABC 4 adsXYZ 4 adsABC 4 adsXYZ 4 ads

Tiered scheduling also allows advertisers to use multiple stations even with a small budget therefore hitting different listeners. Broadening the listener base is especially important when a business is targeting a broad demographic such as Adults 25-54.

By using tiered scheduling businesses are able to maximize their advertising dollars and make them work more effectively and efficiently.

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