Why Advertisers Should Ditch the Yellow Pages and Get Online

By Avenue Right  | Tags: Google, Local Advertising, Local Online, Online Advertising, Search Engines, Yellow Pages

I can still remember back to the days of thumbing through the yellow pages to find someone to fix the sink, fix the car, or even to find a place to eat. Along came the internet. Habits slowly began to change. As search engines and local directories have evolved, the yellow pages have become less and less relevant. With nearly 70% of mobile phone users owning smart phones, most of us have a tool much more powerful than a phone book right in our pocket. A simple search on the computer or smart phone now can give you access to information like menus, pricing, reviews, maps, and all of the information that can help you as a consumer make an informed choice when searching for products and services.

Yellow pages do not have a chance. A static directory without access to the information you are looking for is archaic. Yellow page and directory companies are doing everything they can to shift content online to battle against losing clients. Bottom line is that the yellow pages for all intents and purposes is dead. There are few exceptions. Businesses who are still trying to attract senior citizens who are sitting in their rocking chair next to their rotary phones can still have some success in the yellow pages. However, even these consumers will soon be fully transitioned into online search. As an advertiser, you can have a much greater impact on your potential customers through online strategies. For a fraction of what you are spending on yellow page advertisements, you can have some great visibility (and results!) online. Whether using paid search(PPC) or optimizing your Google Business listing (push pins on the map,) online can give you an immediate impact and cost you less than advertising in the yellow pages. Search engine advertising makes sense on many levels. Everyday, there are thousands of people actively searching for the products and services you offer. You need to be listed where they can see you to get you in the conversation. Get in the gam

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