Why Radio?

By Avenue Right  | Tags: Advertising, media mix, Radio, Traditional Media

With all the shiny objects now available in the advertising world, radio may not feel like the right medium for your business to run on. Radio does not have the sexy feel that some platforms provide. However, radio does provide a medium that can really move the needle when it comes to driving traffic and sales to businesses. Radio, when used correctly, can reach a large audience at a budget that won’t break the bank.

Radio has some very unique advantages that you can’t find in other mediums. Radio is a very intimate medium as most people listen when they are in the car. So, businesses can hit potential customers when they are on the move and try to influence buying decisions on the fly. Listeners also tend to have strong relationships with stations and/or personalities. Brands can take advantage of this and leverage these emotional ties through various sponsorships.

Radio can also create buzz in your local market by doing live remote broadcasts to help promote events such as grand openings or special sales. Many radio stations have embraced social media, and will often times use these tools to help promote the live broadcasts as well. Facebook live videos make a great complement to remote broadcasts.

Radio might not be the sexiest choice when it comes to marketing your business, but when utilized the right way, can be an invaluable piece to your marketing puzzle.

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