Remarketing is a buzzword in online advertising right now. Remarketing, in its simplest terms, is when a visitor goes to a website and visits a specific page or set of pages(pre-defined by the advertiser), and then in subsequent browsing sessions is followed around by an ad from that website.
Great ad spend is determined by the audience the medium can deliver and the business’ ability to capture that audience, whether it be sales or list building.
Google has become the go to for consumers looking for products and services. If your business is not listed near the top of the search results for a particular keyword, your business will likely not be seen or considered.
Snapchat is used by over 158 million people EVERY DAY! With such a large audience interacting through sharing photos and videos to other users, it serves as a powerful and profitable advertising technique—one that is sure to help your company stand out.
Instagram was launched as a photo-sharing app for users to showcase their lives via photo. It has become so much more...including a great advertising platform
With all of the shiny, new objects available in the advertising world, radio may not feel like the right medium for your business to run on...
Native advertising is a bit of a mystery. This entry helps to explain what native is and how it may be useful to advertisers.