Who is Watching Me When I’m Online?? Remarketing 101

Remarketing is a buzzword in online advertising right now. Remarketing, in its simplest terms, is when a visitor ...
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Building Audience

Great ad spend is determined by the audience the medium can deliver and the business’ ability to capture ...
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Do People Still Watch TV?

You hear it all the time that traditional media (radio, television and newspaper) is dead. It is true that things are changing, and ...
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Tiered Radio Scheduling

Most radio reps will tell you that you need to spend thousands of dollars to get any impact ...
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Why Advertisers Should Ditch the Yellow Pages and Get Online

I can still remember back to the days of thumbing through the yellow pages to find someone to ...
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Be Seen on Google-the Phone Book in Your Pocket!

Let’s face it, the phone book is an item of the past. When is the last time you ...
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